Water Voting 

Water Voting is an interactive public engagement tool to receive feedback from the community to better serve their needs.

Elements that were considered were: the question to prompt the audience, categories, and tools for the users to vote.

Topics such as inclusivity, accessibility and sustainability were focused on during the exploration.
I asked myself, "How can I receive feedback while making the system reusable and attainable to whomever wants to replicate it?"

This can be an open sourced file DIY way of interactive voting. Incentive Theory of Motivation. What’s in it for me?  

These materials were chosen because users cannot have bias towards water. Water, plywood, mason jars are universal and accessible to everyone. Unlike paper feedback tools, these materials are not wasteful and can be reused.  Also, providing such outrageous options allows for the user to imagine what can be possible.

First iteration 

User testing

After the testing out first iteration, I went back and made improvements with the interaction and visual experience. This was done by enlarging and changing the placement of the text, creating a cut out to place the objects in to avoid movement, adding measurement lines and providing instructions.

Next Steps

What’s the afterlife after I gather the data?

Who is the right person or group to interpret the information? 
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